Terms and conditions


1. Admission order is that the Employer's complete personal information, ie. Name, exact address (including postcode) under which goods are to be delivered, and landline phone number where you live. In the absence of a landline allowed to provide a mobile number.

2. Personal data obtained while taking orders shall be used only for purposes related to the processing and execution of orders and issue invoices. Phone numbers of the contracting authority shall be made available only to a courier parcel shipping company pursues in order to allow contact with the customer in case of difficulties with the delivery of the parcel.

3. Every order is confirmed by an employee of the company by phone or email.

4. In the absence of confirmation of the order for more than 72 hours. of its filing, the order is paused.


Time limit for completion

1. The deadline depends on the company's warehouse stocks and ranges from 2 to 14 days, unless the order confirmation will not occur otherwise agreed between the seller and buyer.


Shipping cost

1. Shipping throughout the Polish is 100 zł-200 zł per package and is added to the price of the safe.


Shipping and receiving shipments

1. Delivery will be made via courier and includes providing the package to the address specified in the contract, and its unloading. Delivery does not include installation.

2. The buyer is always informed about the approximate date of shipment prior to shipment, and immediately after posting or najpóĄniej before noon the next day.

3. The customer has the right to verify the contents of the parcel in the presence of the deliverer.

4. In case of damage to the goods occurred during transportation, they must be described in the relevant protocol (which are held by courier) in the presence of the deliverer. Any objections of this kind reported within póĄniejszym need not be taken into account by the manufacturer.


Custom orders

1. In the case of non-standard (goods are not included in the basic offer the company) the seller gets an advance of 30% of the contract.

2. Seller reserves the right to change the cost of transport to the change in the necessary size and weight of the package.

3. Do not provide any possibility of return custom goods without giving a reason.


Payment form

1. Cash on delivery.

2. Money transfer to the account of the manufacturer. In this option consignment is sent after posting the money in the account of the company.



1. The manufacturer provides a 12 months warranty on products sold by them.

2. The warranty covers all defects resulting from faulty workmanship construction (including the instability of the paint coating) unless they were caused by the Client during incompatible with the intended use.

3. The warranty covers the territory of warranty protection within the European Union. This warranty does not exclude, limit the agreement "in accordance with Article 13 of section 4 of the Act of 27 July 2002. On special conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code.



1. Complaints relating to mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only upon receipt of goods in the presence of the shipper. The condition for accepting this type of complaint is to write with the bearer of a complaint protocol.

2. Any complaints regarding defective product should be reported immediately by e-mail.

3. If unable to repair defective product, goods will be replaced with a new free from defects or in default offered is another with similar characteristics or are returned the money.

4. For the returned goods must be accompanied by copies of the document purchase of goods.

5. The costs associated with returning the goods advertised will be refunded upon receipt and consideration of the complaint.



1. For larger orders can negotiate prices. In this case, please contact us.


In matters not regulated herein, the provisions of the Civil Code and the law on protection of consumer rights.