The company's management P.P.H Polaszek declares:

  • that the strategic goal of the company is to meet the expectations and requirements of customers and legal conditions in the production of our products
  • striving to become a leader in the domestic market for the metal and significantly strengthen the presence in export markets
  • the desire to understand and meet customer requirements and anticipate their needs, according to our motto: "High customer satisfaction through a variety of offers and the best quality"

These objectives we want to accomplish by:

  • increasing customer satisfaction
  • build loyalty in relationships with customers
  • improving our internal processes and the functioning of our services
  • continuous improvement of working conditions for workers
  • prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases and potential accidents
  • cooperation with qualified suppliers
  • development of environmentally friendly technologies
  • ensuring economic stability and the stability of the company
  • maintaining and creating jobs
  • application of a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001.

We declare the continuous improvement of the quality management system, environment and occupational health and safety, respect for the law in this area and raising the awareness and involvement of employees in each of these areas.